Monday, September 7, 2015

A Plea from Polly Esther!

The internet and especially Face Book is used for social interaction and recreation and I love that I can keep up to date with friends and family far away - I also like that I can keep tabs on my local friends and not only hear about their escapades, but also enjoy their photographs. Its great for finding out about people and I was once in a lift with someone smiling and nodding - like you do - until I politely asked, "Where do I know you from?" "You are my Facebook friend!" came the reply. Of Course I am!
In the absence of DSTV and sometimes having to twiddle my thumbs at airports and at the lodge, I admit that I am guilty of passing time online and Facebook can eat your time quite nicely and leave YOU feeling full. I am however, amazed at what crap is being put on there these days. All this liking and sharing to see what happens and getting these school teacher photographs to Timbuktu or somewhere or another. Photos of abused children always leave me nauseous and that someone can use them to send a ripple through cyberspace nauseates me more! Wisdom quotes are inspiring in small doses but nobody seems to have an original status any more - we are all just posting words borrowed from Mother Theresa or and some people are posting titbits of cheesy philosophy every five minutes!
What is really amusing me and not in a good way at the moment are the variety of Face Book quizzes that appear on my page daily. A selection from the weekend include:  "Which horror movie defines your life?"; "If you were a dog, what breed would you be?";What ice cream flavour are you?" What your coffee colour says about you?" and "What were you in a previous life or What was your old fashioned name!" I didnt need to attempt the latter two as my reflexologist/white sangoma has already told me that I was a can can dancer on a bar in gay Pareee in a former life - I imagine my name was FiFi  or Genevieve or Polly Esther! Actually there IS a quiz to find out what your stripper name would be .....REALLY!
I imagine a room full of deranged people somewhere having serious discussions about these topics and compiling questionnaires to tempt us to spend time doing them, so that they can copy all our online information and encourage us to share our hilarious findings by inviting our friends to surrender their information to the deranged peoples data base!
So can I put a plea out there to make FaceBook what it was  - a social media network for sharing your status and your lovely family and holiday photos and your thoughts and ideas to inspire and  encourage one another. A forum to cheer us up and bring some JOY into our lives. Invite me to your event, if you make something clever please tell me and if there is a special on at WW also tell me,,,,,,,,,, and if you were a stripper in a previous life please tell me ........I am looking for a partner to dance with me on a bar in cyberspace!

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