Friday, September 18, 2015

I am here in my mother country - feeling mostly like a foreigner!

Roads and directions have changed, accents are sometimes difficult to understand and the money is strange - plus I am multiplying everything by 20 in my head when shopping. The choice in the shops is phenomenal and I want to buy everything I see ...... Then I remember to times the price by twenty and ponder on my inadequate luggage allowance. I have met two South Africans already in my small town and chatted to a lady whose daughter has just been to SA to rescue turtles proof of our limitless world.
Poverty is a completely different concept here and there is a contentment that is devoid of 'joy' in some way - I guess what I am trying to say is that Africa is extreme, wild and larger than life.

I am loving .... Chimney pots, roses, red brick, hedges, courteous drivers, friendly shop assistants, emerald green grass, efficiency, being with family, listening to accents, pansies and garden pots, the small talk of strangers, and the autumnal shades of England.

I am not loving.......the feeling of being a foreigner, even though I look and talk like everyone else, the smallness of things, the hot and cold of inside and outside - coat on/coat off, traffic volume, and having my twenty times table in my head all the time!

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