Sunday, February 21, 2016

Enduring Love

Watcb this and ponder how enduring is your love - where and when did you realise this was the ONE.

This is an interesting TED talk about what love looks like - I found it interesting because is was not what I expected it to be and it made me realise that a random and unplanned act can change the course of our life irreversibly. I met Tony when I was an art student and needed to work to fund my studies. I was 19 and he was 20, He was an apprentice and needed extra money as he had been transferred to St Helens to continue his studies. Those two thing were the only things we had in common - we were both studying and had no money - we were married within 10 months and yet we shared a love that spanned 4 decades. Our love was built day by day from the challenges we faced and overcame. We had very little money and had our children young, and yet we overcame everything that life dished out and were determined to succeed.
Vernon and I also had little in common when we met - we share a love of nature and ......and ..... Well I cant think of anything else! We met in August and committed ourselves to each other the following June - also 10 month later - although V informed me on our second 'date' that he planned to 'marry' me by July the following year and I informed him that he was crazy! We also had challenges - living 800 and odd kilometers away from each other being the first - his fear of flying being the second and then there is a lodge in to run in Natal and my work here to consider. If that wasn't enough to keep us on our toes, then his illness entered our lives!
Where would my life have taken me if I hadn't been in that place at that time on both occasions or for that matter if they hadn't been in that place at that time? The life I am living now - my current reality - is a product of the choices I have made and yet most of my life changing choices have been made in a blink of an eye ....or in Vs case a wink! That's when you believe that its all meant to be and that we really have little control over what is destined for us in life. EVERY little thing is as it should be and we are all where we are absolutely were God needs us to be. Loving and being loved by those who have been sent to us by the universe!

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