Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Love what I do

I love what I do! To spend time doing what you love and then to get paid for that creates the energy that fuels the passion that enables you to become your best at what you do. If that makes sense? Like a self charging battery. I once saw the Oprah Show in Johannesburg and remember a young woman asking, "What is the secret of success?" Oprah replied that you have to find what you are passionate about then become excellent at it and then success will follow. The working world would be a better place if we could all have this experience but we don't live in Oprah Land and to be realistic that's not possible especially not in our South African situation - some jobs require that you make a decision to fall in love with them every day. I find that the quickest way to change the way you feel about something (or someone) is to change the way you think about it (or them). So if you find your job is uninspiring, tedious or unfulfilling - ask yourself "What does my job do for me?" "How does my job help me to provide for myself and my loved ones" or "What skills are my work developing within me that will assist me in the future?" of "What can I do to make my work more enjoyable?" In other words looking for the positives creates a positive mindset and if you look for good in your work and in others you will find it. There is a wonderful DVD that I sometimes use in my work called "Celebrate what's right with the world." Its all about our perception of our circumstances and our environment and how it can shape not only our present but our future.
When I came to South Africa the only job I could get was in the office at Woolworths - I cant speak Afrikaans and it limited opportunities to work with people in business.I was grateful for that job - very grateful!  When I was shown the office where I would be working - the lady operating the switchboard picked up her bag and relocated to another desk as there was an unspoken rule - Last one in the office got to handle the switchboard as well as their other work! This was not the work I envisaged - but it was work! I had never managed a switchboard before and I can relate it to having a crying baby - when it wails you have to answer it no matter how busy you are - incoming calls are always urgent and as I was employed in accounts this 'crying baby' interrupted my calculations and my concentration and so it was hard to put a smile on my dial and in my voice, before I answered it! However, I made a decision to do it and do it well - I decided that I would see this disadvantage as an opportunity to learn and to get noticed - I got to speak to everyone in the company so it was great exposure AND I fielded all the Head Office calls so I got to know all the decision makers in Cape Town .......and for them to know me. Several months later a vacancy for a personnel assistant was created in PE and Mr Fourie the CEO in CT suggested to our branch manager that I should be given the opportunity based on my 'people' skills on the phone! That is how it works - That opportunity shaped the rest of my life, created the opportunity for me to study and  to discover my passion for HR and was the vehicle to get me to where I am today enjoying a job that I love.
PS - To this day I care deeply about an unattended ringing phone and I cant walk past one in WoolWorths - I have been know to answer the phone on the sales floor and call  a sales assistant to help LOL!

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