Monday, February 8, 2016

Love is all around us

I love nature and its seems she loves us too! I think she particularly loves Africa. Its amazing how many heart shaped symbols that nature leaves around to show us how much - each one like a Valentine's card. Heres a link to some awesome hearts found in nature

What I love most.........

  • Sunrises - I have said before that I supsect I was a druid in a previous life but I love the sun rising over the sea and make a pilgrimage every July to catch it at my favourite spot near Something Good.

  • Sunsets - I love the golden light just after dusk when rosy tones warm mountains, clouds and the sea.

  • Flowers - Who can pick a favourite? Roses, Pansies, Proteas, Sunflowers, Peonies and Poppies are some of mine but a life without flowers is unthinkable. I have rolled in daisies in Namaqualand and skipped  amongst the Cosmos in the Freestate. I often say "Good Morning" to garden pansies as their little 'faces' look up so expectantly at me!
  • Trees - I admit - I hug them! I like them stripped of leaves in winter, full of buds in spring, drenched in blossom in summer and then autumn has that russet magic which sets them on fire,
  • All creatures great and small - Try and type that withour humming the hymn! I'm not so keen on the small things though - I have a gandson who wants to be 'a guy who rescues insects' when he is older. I dont like bugs, especially mozzies and I cannot love mice and rats - sorry! I am an elephant whisperer and send them telepathic love messages en route to Addo and they always respond!

  • Clouds - I have to admit that a cloudless sky is a boring sky and I love clouds - when I fly I love to look down and see them below me - giant cotton wool balls. I love seeing clouds roll over mountains in the distance and of course clouds mean rain and rain means life to all living things.
YES - I fall in love with nature every single day  - she puts something in our path - we just need to stop and admire it! Love really is all around us.

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