Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love is in the detail

So what did you do for Valentine's Day? We enjoyed a lovely evening with old friends who have clocked up more than a century of marriage between them last night and yes because its Valentines Day to day we did pay attention to a few details - dark pink roses, a beautiful pink table setting, chocolates and generally something red or pink but other than that it was just a divine catch-up with a magnificent sunset as a backdrop.  Valentine's Day is unfortunately another celebration that has been hijacked by consumerism and hyped up to the level of excess.
I remember it as a day for youngsters - single youngsters  - who would send anonymous cards through the post leaving you guessing who was your secret admirer. Maybe a flower left on your desk and perhaps the church would put on a social for star struck singletons!
 I went to the Boardwalk today as I spend Valentines Day with two of the loves of my life  - my grandies! There were a lots of couples strolling around hand in hand - many ladies dressed in red or pink some looking a little disappointed and one of the restaurants were handing sad looking single red roses out. The looked as if they were all sort of going along with it but lets face it - You don't need a special day to celebrate your love if you are happily settled with someone. That special day is already there - your wedding anniversary or the day your significant other made a commitment to you. It doesnt have to take the form of chocolate and rose petals, expensive perfume or jewelry.
Love is in the detail that is there in your everyday activities - Its the cup of tea that is made for you in the morning - its remembering to buy your favourite biscuits or ice cream. Love is a bunch of flowers for no reason except its Tuesday and its a shoulder to cry on.  Its a gentle touch on passing and its offering to run the bath. Its coming home to a clean house and its a reassuring look when you know a tough day lies ahead. Its a good night kiss and its taking your car for a wash and polish. Love is knowing the name of her favourite perfume and its showing enthusiasm through 'the game' even though you are bored. Love is being polite to work colleagues that you dont know and its warmimg up her ice cold feet. All of those small everyday gestures day in, day out, year in and year out - that what LOVE is. Real love is in the detail.

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