Friday, February 12, 2016

My Perfect Marriage Bouquet

The floral theme continues and today I popped in to see a friend who has suffered the cruelest blow in life - the loss of a child. Doesn't make it any easier that she is in her 70s and he was in his 50s - her eyes were bruised with crying and the flowers in my hand seemed insignificant in comparison to her loss. The most that I can hope is that she will look at them over the weekend and know that I am thinking of her - the language of flowers Begonia for deep thoughts and white for remembrance!

Back to love and what I would put in MY wedding bouquet if I had to use flowers to symbolise an ideal marriage

Azaleas -for abundance
White Chrysanthemums - for truth
Forget-me-nots - for remembrance forever and because I love their pretty colour!
Hyacinth - for sincerity
Black eyed Susans - for encouragement (not domestic violence lol)
Daffodils for Chivalry and for John Hayter!
Plenty of Ivy for fidelity
Pink Carnations for gratitude
Peony for healing because V needs healing right now!
Red Roses for Passion because what is marriage or life without it!
Yarrow for good health
                       and white tulips for forgiveness.

I think that would do the trick and it would look and smell beautiful and we would live happily ever after!

Ps. I would leave out the Orange symbolises fertility!

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