Thursday, February 11, 2016

Say it with flowers

Romance - Its the weekend of romance coming up and I walked though WW today and saw a huge sea of flowers in reds in all hues from dark crimson to the palest pink. Flowers have long been a beautiful means to convey feelings. In today's world, white lilies are associated with death and sympathy while red roses have long symbolized romantic love. In the Victorian age, that intent was heightened as Victorians used flowers to express complex emotions. I quite like the idea of symbolism and young women swooning when given a rose of a particular hue - I also like the idea of it all going wrong and some bloke forgetting whether its roses or Lilies and lets face it many guys really don't know the difference! Anyway there were whole books on the topic to help them and this is what they told them. Its interesting to go online and look at the whole list here
Tulips represent the first declaration of love in Victorian flower language. If you are saying "I love you" for the first time, they make an especially meaningful bouquet for the occasion. Since this moment is a significant event in your relationship and will likely be looked back on in the future, the beloved tulip will sweeten the moment you let her know how you feel and give you both a wonderful memory in the future.
Purple Rose
Has your loved one put you under a spell? Do you dream of her often, think about her constantly, or walk around in a dreamy haze? Gift her purple or light purple (lavender) roses to let her know that she has bewitched you, in a very good way. Signifying "enchantment," fresh purple roses heighten the romantic feelings between the two of you and show her just how much you think about her.
Also known as Peruvian lilies, alstroemeria are both beautiful and versatile. In the Victorian era, they were the symbol of devotion. If you want to express your commitment to her as well as your love, a bouquet of alstroemeria is a beautiful way to say "I love you and I am devoted to you." I have one of these plants n the garden in full bloom right now - devotion!
Baby's Breath
In Victorian Times, baby's breath symbolized everlasting love. What is a more beautiful way to "I love you forever" than with these delicate and lovely tiny blooms? Better yet--send her a baby's breath corsage before a special evening of romance.
Red Rose
Let's face it--this list would not be complete without the inclusion of red roses, the defining floral symbol of romantic love. In Victorian times, it is believed that the deeper the passion you feel for your loved one, the deeper the color the rose should be. This makes red roses the ultimate symbol of passionate, romantic love.
I'll have the red toses thank you - I love being strewn with flowers - V once met me off a plane at King Shaka airport with an armful - he said so many women approached him and asked who the lucky lady was.  Hmmm - a good way to meet ladies and start a conversation! I wonder what being given a cactus meant? Or an ornamental cabbage? A few months ago I was sent a pretty bouquet of roses in antique coloured anonymously - I didn't swoon but they did wonders for my confidence and brought a little magic into my life. 

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