Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sixteen Reasons!

A wise lady once told me that we only fall in love once - each time after that we fall in love with a different version of the same person. I thought there was more than a little truth in this.
I didn't forget my commitment to a blogpost a day about love for the month of Feb - My yesterday ended with me reading an article about how the quality of sleep improves if you switch off all your technology an hour before bedtime - so reluctantly I did and yes I did sleep really well!

 I woke up with this song playing in my head......so I am thinking of 16 reasons why I love my beloved :-

  1. I love the way he talks - so Pukka English!
  2. I love the twinkle in his eye
  3. I love his original quirkiness
  4. I love when he throws his had back and laughs
  5. I love his sense of humour and his sense of justice.
  6. I love that he knows the names of all the trees in every landscape I have explored with him.
  7. I love that he opens the car door for me.
  8. I love his clean scent
  9. I love a saying of his when he is amazed but I cant print it here lol!
  10. I love that he calls me babe......I felt like 'Babe the pig' at first but I have come to appreciate it.
  11. I love that he values freedom - mine and his.
  12. I love that he loves really 'old' romantic songs.
  13. I love his love of old things,,,,but not his love of old clothes.
  14. I love that he sleeps with his arm over his eyes - like he grew up without curtains.
  15. I love that he is a tractor man.....and a bakkie man - I just wish the latter had aircon!
  16. I love the way he speaks Zulu at every opportunity - event to Xhosa speaking people.
..........and I love that he loves me! I challenge yourself to think of your sixteen reasons :-)

If you haven't heard the song here it is....... Sixteen Reasons by Connie Stevens

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