Sunday, April 17, 2016


I would like to make it official that I am not THAT GIRL. I realised this once more as I arrived at a function last week - one of those that invites you to bring along a plate of eats and a bottle of something. THAT GIRL arrived with a home made Quiche beautifully garnished on a gorgeous platter within a special container - probably Tupperware - with a dome over it. I arrived with my snacks in a plastic WW packet still in the packaging and nothing to spread the soft cheese with. HER wine was in a floral cooler bag - mine was in my handbag! We all know THAT GIRL. I envy her but I will never ever be her.I have tried!
I just don't have the organising skills - whatever part of the brain they live in - I was born without it. I wonder sometimes that I have a professional job which, I believe I do quite well. I don't think I have ever forgot an appointment or a group of learners.  I manage to satisfy my accountant by keeping my financials in reasonable order and I have a filing system - sort of! I meet my deadlines consistently and I ......... I don't know why I cant apply all of this order in my personal life.
I have done my share of entertaining - how I don't know - and many friends have dined at "Chez Moi' but they have also gone home without  me serving the home made bread with the soup, the cream with dessert and once I put the garlic bread in to warm while the apple crumble was in the oven and my good friends politely ate garlic apple crumble for dessert without batting an eyelid.
I have had many hobbies and each time I find something creative that I love to do, I throw myself into it with wild abandon. I beg, borrow or buy everything I need and all the lovely ways to store everything I need. I have made umpteen sewing accessories - beautiful pinwheels, scissor keepers, needle cases and quaint tote bags to carry it all to my embroidery lessons. The reality is that I arrive with my crumpled project in a WW plastic carrier bag and my needles and threads in a tangled heap somewhere amongst it. THAT GIRL has matching sets of all the said sewing accessories finely stitched in single thread with colour coordinated scissor and thimble.
I love Scrapbooking and have many albums and most of the equipment. I have a case on wheels, a special container with little divisions in - like a tool box - from Builders Warehouse. I have a portable stand with compartments to hold my glue and scissors and tape and inks, that  can sit on my workstation so when I go Scrapbooking THAT GIRL has all that too,,,,,,, with her! Mine is all at home - somewhere - and I arrive with my stuff in a WW packet except I forget my scissors and my ruler and even though I have THE perfect papers for this project bought overseas, I have left that at home too!
I was born this way - I realised at school. One year my class teacher bought everyone in class a small gift - sweets and a lip balm. My gift was a comb - even this humiliation could not bring about the desired change - my curls - like my school stationery - refused to be tamed! I didn't have the full set of Colleens I left a trail of pencil sharpenings and my eraser left dirty marks on my work. I had brains but no finesse - nothings changed!
I don't think I will ever stop trying though, I will continue to collect the photo boxes to keep my photos in - even though they lie unused in the spare room while my photos are in a huge pile in the study. I expect that now I am learning to crochet , that I will have a lovely fabric roll to keep my crochet hooks in, and a wool stash in a wicker basket which will be a decor accessory, giving the impression to visitors that I am a homely organic girl. I also expect that I will arrive at class with a WW packet with my work hurriedly stuffed in and my crochet hook will be under the car seat and I will have to use someone elses for the lesson (like last week). I have lovely camera bags and yet my spare lens is in a fluffy sock which I stuff in my pocket on the way out. So darlings,  you make look at me and think that I am a swan sailing though life serenely but underneath the surface I am paddling like a turbo duck trying to get my ducklings in a row!
PS If you are THAT GIRL -please know that I am in awe of you :-)

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