Friday, April 15, 2016

The Gift of ME

L-O-N-G time since I blogged - I almost got through February with my commitments to spend a month blogging about Love and then........I was blogged out! Writing or any creative pursuit requires that you give something of yourself and for the last few weeks I haven't been in that place. Frankly,  I had nothing to give and have felt quite drained both emotionally and physically. Having to cope with my own health issues, an operation and juggling work commitments on top of worrying about my beloved's illness and all that goes with that has left me depleted. So............. I decided this week was going to be about ME. I had a couple of work things to do but for most of the time I have made a conscious effort to be kind to me, to indulge in activities that enrich me.
I am very fond of using the Wheel of Life Activity - you know that one where you draw a circle - create a wheel with eight spokes and then label them into areas of your life and then reflect on your level of satisfaction in each area on a scale of one to five.  I thought what makes me - ME and what sparks my joy and labelled my spokes under those heading. I reflected on health, creativity, friendships, self esteem, spirituality, energy, hobbies and home and these were the areas that I focused on deliberately seeking out opportunities to replenish them. So this week I have attended a crochet class, committed to an evening art group from May, joined a gym and have already attended, had an evening out with friends....and another one tomorrow! I have had lunch with three special friends, pottered in my garden and planted colourful pots to brighten my coming week. I have bought a Nutri bullet and have been experimenting with smoothies and what I call 'swamp juice' - that's spinach and a whole heap of veggies liquidised and down downed to get your healthy five a day! I have read, meditated, journalled, watched TV in bed till late and slept in till 8am. I have had long soaks with a face pack on - I have visited the hairdresser and I have been chasing sunsets, I have joined an online photography group and a group of Fabulously Inspiring Women online.  I have listened to my favourite music and have danced around my bed more than once. I have been shopping with my granddaughter and then we had fun on the beach with our cameras. I have tasted the best Thai curry that I have ever had ,,,,,,,,and I am going back for more!
The week is coming to an end but I still have a birthday party (my grandson is turning 7) and evening performance of Suzelle and the rest of a series to watch. I am not looking at any work until Sunday afternoon even though its sitting in my study ready for my facilitation next week.

I feel a whole whole lot better and a whole lot more ME. Now the challenge is to keep on giving to me. I think of my heart, mind and soul as a dam and if you keep giving - and you do in my line of work on top of relationships and family,  you empty your dam  and you  just cant give to others if you are empty - so this week has been a deluge of self love and a lesson to keep that dam topped up in proportion to what is being channelled to others. Let my writing and blogging flow again. Let me not forget to put myself first often.

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  1. Thank you for reminding us to fill our dams again. Mwah!