Thursday, May 5, 2016

Gym Tales and Pony Tails

I am being quite diligent with my gym visits - I have been three times this week and intend to make it a record by going tomorrow too......maybe Sunday as well - although last time I went at the weekend I was the oldest person there by far and the only female without a high pony tail! I think I should get a clip on one just for gym because it looks so attractive on the treadmill when your pony tail is bobbing up and down - makes you look as if you are moving faster (have just googled 'woman on treadmill' in Google images and EVERY image has a woman with a pony tail). Anyway I was on the treadmill this morning thinking how ludicrous it is to pay money to walk indoors - my Nan Westwell would laugh herself silly at the notion. I used to walk regularly in the fresh air as the good Lord intended till I moved here and no matter how I plan my route around Walmer Heights, I always seem to end up in Builders Warehouse car park and I am not sure the good Lord wants me to walk there. It used to be safe to walk anywhere but you cant take your safety for granted these days and I also like to contemplate while I am walking and you cant do that with the neighbourhood dogs going ballistic - so its off to gym I trot!
I saw Gerald again this morning - who taught me how to use the machines and who was impressed with my leg flexibility on the hip abductor. He avoided eye contact - I think my comment about giving birth four times embarrassed him after all!  I nearly collided with him as I was distracted by a lunging lady - Yes a young woman was taking HUGE strides around the gym carrying iron weight! She was being shouted at by a mean looking, pinched faced, skinny bitch who obviously lurves her job! Yes! Something else Nan Westwell would find incredible - people pay to be tortured so they can have firmer thighs. Soft thighs were all the rage in her day along with kind eyes and well filled cardigans,
Gerald was striding towards THAT section of the gym - the Holiest of Holies! This is where testosterone rules, tattoos are compulsory and huge tyres are moved around with ease - weights clank and there is the occasional grunt - no one here makes eye contact - least of all me in case I am challenged to a stare down. I astonished how they take it all so seriously and also a little distracted by those oiled biceps. Anyway I did my circuit trying not to notice anyone else and ended up on the bicycle where I pedalled like mad for 15 minutes only to be told I had done 2,5 Kilometers - Nan Westwell would have snorted with laughter at the thought of going nowhere and not very fast.

I was never the Sporty Spice Gym Girl at school but back home and showered I feel quite proud of myself - there is a great pleasure to be had in slight ache of muscles that have been stretched a little and I am hoping to do it all again tomorrow! Now where can I get a clip on pony tail???

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