Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Special Time

I am here in the east and in the land of order and routine where everything is on time, in time and works - like clockwork. Its lovely! The only chaos is behind closed doors with a 2 1/2 year old toddler and a 14 week old baby - Occasionally in public too with the toddler!
Its amazing how we have become used to living behind walls, gates, barbed wire and locked car doors in South Africa - here there is such a feeling of safety. I haven't been asked for money - no one has asked to park my car and the locals are relaxed and eager to smile and engage in conversation.
Time with the children is special and time with the grandchildren even more so. We have swum most days and visited the park strolling through lush vegetation - no pot holes in pathways and unlike SA ALL the streets are pedestrian friendly and have pavements. No dodging taxis skipping red lights and hooting - even rush hour is orderly here.
 Noodles, Dumplings, Dim Sum, Sushi and Green tea. Food is fragrant and plentiful and the choice endless. I love Thai food and the way it is presented. I was treated to an exquisite Italian gourmet meal for a belated Mothers Day from the top of a tall building with views to make you dizzy.

Getting to know baby Adam is a joy - such a good little chap and I love looking into his eyes and knowing there is a little bit of me in his history. Katherine skips, scoots, runs, hops, climbs and bounces everywhere - her curls bouncing with her. She is full of energy, mischief and curiosity as every 2 year old should be. This morning she made a turtle at Moms and Tots group attached with string to walk slowly to the music - but hers was the racing model and her turtle went everywhere at the speed of light and on occasions flew. She excelled in the Hokey Cokey - which she obviously gets from her nanny!

 She is napping now and I am savouring the quiet. I am enjoying my time here - slowing my pace to cope with the heat. We have a boat cruise planned, a trip on a cable car, China town calls in the morning and a special afternoon tea to enjoy later in the week. Lots of playtime planned and story books to enjoy. Life is good and I am grateful!

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