Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Singapore -Take 2

My Holiday has been over for two weeks but I haven’t finished telling you about it. In true “Sue Style” I landed on Friday – slept one night in my own bed and then dashed off to Graaf Rienet to drink wine on Stoeps at the Graaf Reinet Stoep Tasting . One day I was surrounded by sizzling mirror faceted sky scrapers and the next I was tramping around the dusty streets bordered by tin roofed, white cottages. Both equally interesting but totally opposite – the one futuristic and sophisticated and the other historical and charming. Wine tastes equally good in either setting!
So back to Singapore and my impressions. I saw a souvenir mug that says that Singapore is “A Fine City” and that is perhaps why it’s orderly clean and structured. In a country where chewing gum is illegal everyone behaves! Littering will cost you $1000, Smoking where you shouldn't smoke and the fine is $500 and for speeding $5000.

I saw more of the Shopping Malls on this visit – there are hundreds of these temples to consumerism rising heavenwards with lifts and escalators permanently in motion. You can get everything your heart desires or that exists on this planet within them and they are full of stunning art and architectural accents and usually a water feature or three cascading down walls or squirting upwards to make you gasp! In the Marina Bay Sands Mall you can even explore the ground floor by boat and swim on the top floor while looking down on the skyscrapers. Gucci, Prada, YSL, Givenchy, Armani – I met them all – in name that is - and even Gordon Ramsay’s posh nosh is there. I hope though that when he is resident in this kitchen his language is as clean as the floor that I was walking on – I should imagine that there is a fine for that as well!
Talking of restaurants – there are 8 500 of them! From Dim Sum and Noodles to American Ribeye, Japanese and Italian and from the Hawkers Market centres with Formica tables and benches to plush silver service with views to enjoy of the wall to wall ships in the harbor. I enjoyed two of the best Italian meals that I have ever had - great food accompanied by great service and great company.
You can’t visit Singapore without coming under the spell of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Like Cape Town has a mountain that dominates its landscape, so this vast building is a landmark and a compass point on your exploration of the city.check it out here
I had high-high-high tea and enjoyed my smokey Lapsang Souchong from the clouds – Afternoon tea with a difference and served with mushroom cappuccino, mini munchies, macaroons and Madeira cake! Living in lego land is the norm here and when you are staying on the 12th floor you feel strangely low when on the ground – Fear of lifts would be life threatening here as everything happens above the horizon and when faced with climbing 57 floors on a regular basis – I think the fear would fizzle out!

The waterfront is busy and beautiful and bright in the sunshine but at night it sparkles. Lasers, Light Shows and long watery reflections dance on the water as people come out to dine alfresco in the warm balmy evenings – Yes! It’s 30C at night which makes for very thirsty evenings under the stars.
Gardens at the Bay come alive in the evening with light and music shows that really make you feel like Titania, Queen of the fairies, is about to come out to play. The lawns are spread with people of all nations as music is a universal language enjoyed by all.
Despite my grand and larger than life experiences – my most rewarding time was that spent with the little people in my life – both children and grandchildren. I enjoyed attending the playgroups sessions with Nadine and Katherine and seeing how children from all walks of life and nationalities are pretty much the same when it comes to appreciating play time and I enjoyed interacting with some of the moms and learnt that the British playgroup leader has a sister living in Blue Water Bay and one of the moms knew two ladies that I know in PE and her mom lives around the corner from me! So it really is a small world.
Also loved my very special last day with a picnic breakfast in the park, a gourmet Italian feast at lunch followed by a lovely foot massage in the afternoon and special story time with Katherine and Adams last bottle – well the last one I shall feed him as he will be eating Fish and Chips when I next see him!!

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