Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Peek at my Week

Life is chaotic and this week has been a busy one - action packed and full of daily challenges but I have managed to find small pockets of stillness within the chaos and they have been beautiful. Just now I sat for a moment in my sunroom and felt the sun on my face and just closed my eyes and enjoyed that simple pleasure. Its moments like that that keep me sane I think! Sitting next to V and listening to his breathing - a little rattly as his cold is lingering and weakening his already fragile strength, I gave silent thanks for my health and the simple breathing that most of take for granted.

Where have I been? Mostly to work but because of being sent home thanks to  protest action I got a free day which I always treat as a gift - Time is the most precious resource and I spent this windfall by driving to a little shop that always inspires me - the Chameleon in Humansdorp! Just a lovely eating and shopping experience - the food always beautifully presented and there is always something different to buy. I found something pretty to wear but Vernon was not feeling well enough to brunch so we then drove on to St Francis with take away coffee and found a sunny spot to park and enjoy the waves crash onto the sand - pure therapy!

Who have I met? I have worked with some interesting groups this week - Women on a Leadership programme who discussed the challenges that we face working in a world designed for men by men  and how we as women can extend the positive impact we have on our families to our workplaces and in doing so heal this sick planet and ailing world. Women hold up half of the sky so we have a responsibility to create a world that we want to live in and use our influence where we can. Women have an authentic type of power that we need to harness for change. I loved our conversations.
Yesterday I was tasked to develop a service mentality with a group in hospitality and we explored the topic of keeping motivated and energetic in our work. Most were enthusiastic but there was a small minority influenced by one particular person who seemed hell bent on blaming their current unhappiness on their boss, their finances and their race. You really cant teach happiness and some people are just happy being - well being unhappy. To me happiness and positivity is a daily choice to make the best of what you are dealt with. Problems and challenges are part of life  and always will be whether you moan or worry about them or both, or whether you choose to just get along with solving them is what makes the difference to whether you have a miserable life or a happy one. The rest of the group's enthusiasm made up for them and I left there feeling that I had made a difference. I have also met my pharmacist - and seem to have a daily meeting with him for as fast one of Vs challenges disappear another one pops up the following morning! Who else - Oh yes! I Skyped with a nephew that I have met only twice - once when he was four and then a few years ago at a  funeral. He is coming to SA in December and I am looking forward to get to know him and his wife a little better.

What I have learned? 
Dont sweat the small stuff. It really isn't worth the worry.
Never take your health for granted.
Make the most of cancelled plans and use the time freed up as a gift.
Make time to enjoy simple pleasures - right now I am enjoying looking at a jug of yellow freesias and the smell is reminding me that Spring is around the corner.
I have learned to sit and enjoy an episode of my favourite programme at the moment 'Doc Martin' for no reason at all.
I have also learned that reading Marlina De Balsi's books - set in Italy and dripping with pasta, porcini and pastries make me yearn for La Dolce Vita.......the sweet life! I love her writing and last night I read just like fruit  "Some people ripen, some rot!"  thank God that I am ripening!

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