Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lip Service!

You know you are going to have an interesting conversation when you go to look at new lipsticks and the person who comes to assist you is wearing blue nail polish, has bronzed sculpted cheekbones and is male! I was just browsing really as I have about 5 lipsticks at any given time on my person but one that I got free with a Clinique purchase was particularly impressive for long lasting - I just wasn't keen on the colour so I just thought I would see if they had one in a burnt coral shade. I told him/her that most lipsticks seem to disappear on my lips and I was told to outline them in pencil, then fill them in with pencil, then lightly dust them with transcluscent powder, then apply the lipstick again - sensible advice and nothing I didn't know. I get strangely irritated when younsgters with blue nail polish tell me stuff I have known since my teens as if they are imparting pearls of beauty wisdom!
Anway I went along with him/her and tried a few shades - too orange - too red - too brown and eventually a Goldilocks moment - "Perfect!" he/her said. "What is this shade called?" I asked. Well I had to ask as the writing on the bottom of lipsticks is in elf language - too small for anyone taller than 5cms to read without a magnifying glass. "Perfect Pink, I was told with a flourish. Great - it's exactly the shade that I was wearing when I came in! I'll stick to using my free with purchase one! He/She pouted and off I went to powder my nose and my lips!! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Fine-hair Things of Life

My hair! It is supposed to be a woman's crowning glory but mine alternates between a pancake and  a birds nest. Baby fine, Bum fluff are adjectives that come to mind and I have tried every product on the market that mentions VOLUME or HOLD or THICKER, or BODY and nothing works, if fact the latest products are all about flat, straight and gloss - three words that spell DISASTER to my crowning glory! So I make the most of it especially for the first hour after my hairdresser (me) attends to it in the morning after that its all downhill and I have given up believing anything will make a difference. That was until I walked through Dischem and saw a new range of products and in particular a shampoo that promised 95% more oxygen in my hair. I have been using it for a week and not one person has commented that there is almost twice as much oxygen in my hair. I tested it on several friends asking, "Have you notices anything different about my hair?" Replies have been, "Lovely colour!" " Erm - No!" "Changed your hairdresser?" "Is it a wig?" Not one person has noticed my 95% oxygen boost. I am disappointed - especially when lamenting this situation to my sister who when asked if she had noticed anything different mentioned my earrings! Julia suggested that seeing that I live in the windy city that I could have saved myself some money as our PE breeze would have done the oxygen job - Sigh!
Sometimes I regret being an optimist because I know the wonderful things that are happening in the world with technology and space travel and now hand transplants and making Winnie Mandela look 20 years younger using only face cream (no botox). These make me believe that there is hope for my me and other beings destined to have hair like a maltese poodle! Perhaps one day I will have thick beautiful tresses full of volume, body that will hold a style for more that 30 mins - Perhaps one day I will have a swinging bob - till then I will have to rely on the breeze to blow me away!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Everyone is a Kardashan....

I have a secret pleasure and I am about to make it public! Well you all know I love photography - no secret there but I also love to watch people being photographed especially when they dont know I am watching them! People giving their best smile - I know you have practised this in the mirror - and others just pulling a face or fooling around because they have practised their best smile and didn't like it. Even better I love to watch people taking selfies - I was guilty of this but have now taken pills to stop the compulsion to pout at myself in public - the effect of this medication wears off when under the influence of alcohol! I was once in the queue in the ladies at Kei Mouth Service Station and the lady in front of me was taking selfies of herself - a bit extreme I thought!
Best of all is watching young people pose like they are in a magazine or like they are in a Kadashan fashion shoot. I love to watch them lose their inhibitions and just seize the opportunity as they drop on one hip while thier fist finds the waist and they throw their headback - Classic pose! I have seen them turn thier back to the camera and look seductively over their shoulder and I have seem them spreadeagled against a rock with the wind whipping thier hair around like a Mens Health Calendar Girl but larger than life. I watched a group of young girls doing exactly this last Sunday at sunset on the beach by Something Good - there was no sunset as it was one of those strange misty dusks we had - it was suddenly very cold too but nothing could dampen thier enthusiasm as they strutted their stuff oblivious to the line of cars they faced. They were our entertainment as we enjoyed our fish and chips.
I am not being judgemental - I really do enjoy watching them project that sass and rock that moment. There is a Kardashan in us all - but we are just all not brave evough to let our inner celeb out!

Saturday, September 3, 2016


I went to a funeral this morning - the heavens opened as we said farewell to a young man you died very suddenly of a heart attack aged a too young thirty four. The church was packed, as it so often is when a young person dies, with young people from all walks of life and my heart went out to his parents - his dad was inconsolable. I think all in the church had a question in their heart - Why? I also sat there listening to the wonderful testimonies from his best friend, his two brothers and his lovely young wife thinking Why?
I was thinking why I had not got to know the depth of this young man - I knew him as a friend of my sons Mark and Paul and I remember him from his youth when he was DJing with my youngest Sean (who is the same age) and he was always a quiet, respectable and hardworking youngster but I had no idea, nor had I given a thought to, his good kind heart. I sat considering why it is that the quiet souls amongst us get ignored and I realise now that I am poorer for ignoring this gentle hearted man. I learned that he had a spiritual home in his church and I learned that he played rugby for his school and was a prefect long ago. I saw photos of him as a shy youngster and heard how he loved to make biscuits and was teaching his daughter how to bake. I admired the way his brothers told of thier childhood memories growing up with thier younger brother who wanted to be included in everything they did. I learned how he had been not only a proud father, but how he had been a loving and positive influence on his step son. My heart went out to his incredibly brave wife as she spoke of their love and gave thanks for all he had brought to her life. She questioned where she and the children would get the strength to carry on living without him. I thought about why God was so cruel to take him from them and I just knew that her strength would come from the people she was surrounded with this morning. As in all situations of stress to me, I thought what could I learn from this morning.
I learned that it is easy to underestimate those among us who walk quietly and smile gently and who live thier values and their life in peace with others. Greatness lives in small and humble actions and in the love given to others. I learned the true meaning of the word 'gentle-man'.
His parents can be so so proud of raising this gentleman - I wish I had known him better.