Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Everyone is a Kardashan....

I have a secret pleasure and I am about to make it public! Well you all know I love photography - no secret there but I also love to watch people being photographed especially when they dont know I am watching them! People giving their best smile - I know you have practised this in the mirror - and others just pulling a face or fooling around because they have practised their best smile and didn't like it. Even better I love to watch people taking selfies - I was guilty of this but have now taken pills to stop the compulsion to pout at myself in public - the effect of this medication wears off when under the influence of alcohol! I was once in the queue in the ladies at Kei Mouth Service Station and the lady in front of me was taking selfies of herself - a bit extreme I thought!
Best of all is watching young people pose like they are in a magazine or like they are in a Kadashan fashion shoot. I love to watch them lose their inhibitions and just seize the opportunity as they drop on one hip while thier fist finds the waist and they throw their headback - Classic pose! I have seen them turn thier back to the camera and look seductively over their shoulder and I have seem them spreadeagled against a rock with the wind whipping thier hair around like a Mens Health Calendar Girl but larger than life. I watched a group of young girls doing exactly this last Sunday at sunset on the beach by Something Good - there was no sunset as it was one of those strange misty dusks we had - it was suddenly very cold too but nothing could dampen thier enthusiasm as they strutted their stuff oblivious to the line of cars they faced. They were our entertainment as we enjoyed our fish and chips.
I am not being judgemental - I really do enjoy watching them project that sass and rock that moment. There is a Kardashan in us all - but we are just all not brave evough to let our inner celeb out!

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