Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lip Service!

You know you are going to have an interesting conversation when you go to look at new lipsticks and the person who comes to assist you is wearing blue nail polish, has bronzed sculpted cheekbones and is male! I was just browsing really as I have about 5 lipsticks at any given time on my person but one that I got free with a Clinique purchase was particularly impressive for long lasting - I just wasn't keen on the colour so I just thought I would see if they had one in a burnt coral shade. I told him/her that most lipsticks seem to disappear on my lips and I was told to outline them in pencil, then fill them in with pencil, then lightly dust them with transcluscent powder, then apply the lipstick again - sensible advice and nothing I didn't know. I get strangely irritated when younsgters with blue nail polish tell me stuff I have known since my teens as if they are imparting pearls of beauty wisdom!
Anway I went along with him/her and tried a few shades - too orange - too red - too brown and eventually a Goldilocks moment - "Perfect!" he/her said. "What is this shade called?" I asked. Well I had to ask as the writing on the bottom of lipsticks is in elf language - too small for anyone taller than 5cms to read without a magnifying glass. "Perfect Pink, I was told with a flourish. Great - it's exactly the shade that I was wearing when I came in! I'll stick to using my free with purchase one! He/She pouted and off I went to powder my nose and my lips!! 

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