Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Spring is in the air and our minds turn to summer and enjoying the outdoors, fun in the sun and here in sunny South Africa - the beach! If you are in Europe and are now feeling a little envious - DON'T! The pressure is huge,,,,,, it may be lovely and warm here but it means that we wear less clothes - we cant wear a baggy jumper and a long coat on the beach there is no place for our cellulite to hide!!So right now all over SA we are bracing ourselves to put more of us on display - we are shaving, waxing, exfoliating, scrubbing, clipping, painting and slathering ourselves. What's more we are regretting the pies and puds we ate during winter and have just a few weeks to lose zillions of kgs. When it gets really warm I am also limited to the amount of clothes that I can remove without it getting a little scary so clever dressing is required and a visit to the mall for lightweight clothes with sleeves, preferable that make a size 16 look like a size 10!
That's where it gets really depressing - the fitting room "Mirror mirror cold and flat - how dare you say I look like that?" If you are shuffling out of the fitting room and shoving an armful of hangers at the assistant muttering that - then you have been in Truworths! I chatted to Karel - if you live in PE and you don't know Karel then you don't get out much! Karel was installed in Truworths with the shop fittings and is an expert on what not to wear. I bumped into him and mentioned that I thought that there was another woman with a huge bottom in the fitting room with me ........and then I realised it was my rear view reflection. He has a way of making you feel fabulous and offered consolation telling me that even Miss Universe (Michelle McClean - who Karel has worked with often - Karel is also a name dropper of note) anyway, Miss Universe has to turn her back to the mirror when trying on clothes so she doesn't see her btm  -can you believe it?? That made me feel a whole lot better Karel!
I have read that 'overseas' which in SA means in a first world country that is far more civilised, intelligent, trendy and modern than ours - overseas, they are experimenting with fitting rooms without mirrors - research is showing that 7 out of 10 women who try clothes on don't buy them. Really??? For a glorious day dreaming moment, I thought that maybe this was the beginning of an age where women don't care if they look 'sexy' or 'trendy' or  'cool' or 'frumpy' or any of the other labels we add to the labels that we are trying on! I thought we may be heading towards an era where we start buying clothes based on comfort or what they smell like or how cool they really are. No - the psychology behind this decision is that we will buy it - try it on at home - shove it to the back of our cupboard for a time when we are thinner, younger or prettier or forget to return it!
I think rather they should plough their research money into designing a fitting room that makes us feel great. Get rid of those cramped sweaty boxes with strip lighting and flimsy curtains and create fitting rooms with soft lights - calm neutral walls - lots of space so we feel small, red carpets, chandeliers and a video screen with George Clooney with that questioning, sort of shy admiring, beckoning type of look on face that says - "Gee if I was 20 years younger....!" There would be a gentle breeze wafting through our hair and an arm would offer us a glass of bubbly and a fat free canape and we would leave that fitting room with the magic dress over our arm and head straight to the till!
OK - till that happens its back to scrubbing, starving and slathering and online shopping for the perfect look!

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  1. I think that at least 80% of us can relate. Unfortunately. :(