Friday, November 25, 2016

Balls, IT and Heroes!

Its been a while.....I couldn't get to my G Spot! I know it sounds bad and it was - I have had problems with IT. The joys of technology :-( My laptop just died on me and I had to get a new one and just logging into everything was problematic. But here I am so what can I tell you?
Where have I been?
Well, I have been gallivanting again. This time up the Wild Coast which I love and we stayed at Umngazi near Port St Johns and it was great. Its one of those old family resorts where generations of families have holidayed since forever. Children's, children's children are now holidaying there and it is an amazing place to park up, relax and let the kids run wild. Thankfully we went during school terms so there weren't that many (and please friends with children don't be offended - we love kids but appreciate some quiet adult time) and I can image in school holidays that Umngazi is wall to wall or should I say dune to dune - kids! The drive through the old Transkei was as eventful as ever with mad drivers, mad cows, mad goats, and a mad horse that refused to budge from the middle of the N2. But we arrived in one piece and enjoyed a long weekend in addition to the wonderful scenery and watching the comerants fish on the sunset cruise,  the highlight was the seafood buffet on Saturday night followed by the entertainment. One minute we were being served by elegant waitrons and the next they were drumming up a storm and dancing in traditional dress - I have to say they did the latter far more energetically! I did a bit of dancing myself last week too.
Who have I met?
I have met Ryk Neethling the Olympic swimmer at a very la-a-a-rney occasion - the Ighazi Ball - which is THE highlight of PEs social calendar. Jason Kriek showcased his magnificent fashions, Ian Von Memety showcased his amazing talent and all of PEs glitterari were there including our new mayor. We all put on our best frocks, our best faces and our best smiles (I have a niece who calls this grin-fu****g which I think best describes that sort of polite nodding grin we exchange at functions). Everyone looked splendid and I must say PE knows how to put on a party! Ryk was very dashing and patient as every woman in the room wanted a photo with him but I could see his grin was fading towards the end of the evening - he just wasn't smiling with his eyes anymore. To me the real celebrities of the night are the courageous cancer survivors who are living life thanks to the work of the doctors and nurses who care for them in Provincial and St Georges and GVI oncology. Two beautiful women in particular, who went through the same treatment at the same time and are now proud ambassadors of survival.
I have also met the editor of Glamour magazine - Pnina Fenster - again at a breakfast to support cancer patients and she is such a wonderful speaker - I cant remember a thing she said lol - but I remember thinking what a great speaker she is - and what a gorgeous. glamourous lady!  I have also met numerous learners and adults travelling on this life-long journey of learning who never cease to impress me with their enthusiasm to share what they know and what they hope to know. I learn as much from them as they from me and that is why I love my work!
What I have learned?
I have learned that those exotic blooms,  orchids, are cheaper than flowers in the long run. Mine are now flowering for a third time and that R200 splurge has brought 6 months of gorgeous prettiness to my home. I have learned that getting dressed up and going to a ball is worth the effort and the reward is feeling glam and special with or without glass slippers (I opted for comfort). That goes for life too - it's very tempting to come home and loll in front of the TV but it will get you nowhere, so its worth the effort to dress up and show up and so I have been doing that at every opportunity! I have also learned that eating spaghetti bolognaise the day after the ball in your PJs is a very acceptable way to relax and recover.

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