Monday, January 9, 2017

Be a Voice and not an echo

My first blog post of 2017 and I am still looking backwards and not forwards like most people are around this time. Odd for me as I am usually first out of the starting gate galloping through life and clearing the high jumps! AS I write this I am waiting near the car wash while my son's car is being valeted - a real luxury in my eyes as my own little run about is washed fortnightly with two bowls of water, a sponge and some newspapers! But this is a BIG car and its WHITE and he kindly borrowed it to me to take the visiting UK family to Addo so its good that I am here :-)  I got to the car wash early but there is already a queue of cars and I am given a ticket and told 2 hours - so here I sit in Dulcies with my book scribbling away while enjoying a pensioner breakfast!
There is a description of a dress in the book which reminds me that I am gifted with being able remember what I was wearing on any memorable occasion. Today I am wearing soft blue and cream pants and a blue draped top - and when I put them on I immediately was transported to the last time I wore them - Thailand - on a day when we went island hopping. Dim Sum for breakfast and then a day of welcome, cool, soft, damp spray as we bumped through the Gulf of Siam.
I have a dress in my wardrobe that I am unable to part with - Its black with a wide white satin collar - Seventeen years ago I wore it on the eve of the millennium and felt like a movie star as I swanned into the Marine Hotel where we attended a masked ball. We watched fireworks at midnight, partied till dawn and then walked home after celebrating the dawn of a new century with the dolphins at Hobie Beach.
 Then there is  my red dress - that dress is so red it should have a PULSE! A secret that I kept when I made an impromptu decision to have something made for a wedding when I learned the bride's colours were green and silver. I had planned to wear a green dress  # Great fashion tip - Never dress in the same colour as the  table overlays!! I ran into Fudge Classics and tried a dusty pink number on which did nothing for my skin tone but then I saw the red!! Tony stood all ready and waiting for me in his suit checking his phone and when he looked up as I passed him - he did a double take that almost put his neck out. WOW and a low wold whistle followed - He was impressed and from that day it was known as my whiplash dress and when I wear it I am reminded that I once - not that long ago - turned heads!

I still have my size 10 jeans that I arrived in PE in 33 years ago and I swear that they would hardly fit one leg today. Looking at them I find it incredible that after bearing four strapping sons - the youngest then 18 months old - that I sashayed into my new life here. They remind me that I was a 'Yummy Mummy' before the term was invented.
I have a favourite skirt that I will never part with. Its burgundy silk with a band of hand painted flowers down the front in cerise, peach and yellow. When I wear it and yes, I still do when I can find an occasion worthy to do it justice, I feel like an exotic flower. I have worn it to a garden wedding and a couple of years ago to Madam Zingaras. I suppose you could call it vintage.
There is a part of me that is drawn to wear beige and shades of sludge but there is a voice within that shouts, 'Hey look at me!' that sometimes demands that I listen.
I was reminded of this when my three year granddaughter was visiting over December - she has a princess dress for everyday of the week and skips around in  rainbow velvet and gauzy net, sparkling and leaving glitter and magic everywhere she treads. I think how I would be if that boring beige voice did not get the better of me.
Today I was inspired by Meryl Street who used her voice at the Golden Globes to speak up against Trump's disrespect for people who are different. I love her courage and integrity.  While shopping with my sister - I found a top that says - "Be a voice and not an echo" and so I have been given my mission this year. LISTEN TO THAT BOLD VOICE WITHIN AND LIVE 2017 IN FULL COLOUR.

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