Saturday, October 29, 2011

What are those fowers saying?

I asked for some ideas for blog topics and am hoping to get around to writing on all of them - Thank You! I wills start with Sue who asked me too blog on flowers and their meanings. I looked up what the different flowers used to mean and then have done my own modern interpretation.
The language of flowers, sometimes called florigraphy, was a Victorian means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. This language was most commonly communicated through  Tussie Mussies, an art which still has a following today.
The nuances of the language are now mostly forgotten, but red roses still imply passionate, romantic love and pink roses a lesser affection; white roses suggest virtue and chastity and yellow roses stand for friendship or devotion. the Lily signified beauty and Sunflowers indicated either haughtiness or respect - I think they just represent sunshine!
Daisy means innocence or purity. Iris, being named for the messenger of the gods in represents the sending of a message. Anemone signifies disappearance of hope. Pansies (my favourite) signify thoughtfulness,  daffodils regard, and a strand of ivy fidelity. Quite bizarrely bright orange Marigolds stood for pain or grief (no wonder I don't like them) and Lime blossom for fornication (I didn't know that the Victorians did this).

This got me thinking about today's language of flowers. If you get two bunches of means they were BOGOF (buy one get one free) on special at Woollies. If you get roses that actually have a fragrance then I got them out of Sean's garden  - he has hundreds of rose bushes. It also means I have a plaster on my finger because they have thorns too! If you get means that the roses were too expensive and at least you can get away with putting 2 or 3 in a vase. If you get means that its late in the month and these were the cheapest bunch I could find. If you get proteas... then I came to you via Mount Pleasant and Dale's had them in front in a bucket and they were really cheap. Ivy, Arums or geraniums mean that I really had no time/money and I got them out of the garden. If you get a bunch of lillies means that you are going to get stains from the pollen on your best tablecloth.

....and this is for Johanne who asked me to blog about the widening waistline that comes with age. If you get flowers (instead of chocolates) it means that your friends think that you are too wide around the middle and don't want you to get any fatter by giving you chocolates. LOL! come to think of it I get a lot of flowers and no chocolate!

I hope this gives some clarity to the modern day meaning of flowers. PS I couldnt find any lime blossom in my garden!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today has been a milestone day in my life! I went to a new hairdresser. This may seem a little melodramatic to some of you but to me it really is a champagne moment - you see I have been in an abusive relationship with my previous hairdresser for many years - fifteen of them if my memory serves me right! During this time I have had many hair raising moments as she has been through two ...or three husbands - I may have been under the dryer for one of them. She has also had every operation a woman can have and I have been subjected to graphic details of her intestines and have an intimate knowledge of her medical aid plan.
Her bazaar collection of friends have sat next to my at the basin while she gave them drug/HIV/alcohol counselling and once I sat next to a Maltese poodle at the basin - I was too afraid to ask why he was there.
I have also empathised when her domestic stole all her possessions, bought handcrafted 'jewellery' to try and keep her above the poverty line and have a drawer full of hair products that I will never use!
Why? I hear you asking, did you not get out of there soon? Well she's very good with my hair, and those of you who know me well know that I have a problematic relationship with my hair....or lack of it! Her hairdressing skills were beyond reproach but her life was an ongoing saga of bad fortune and instead of walking out from my pamper session feeling uplifted and renewed, I walked out of there with beautiful hair but feeling inwardly like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards!

The salon itself was looking tattier and tattier - the silk flowers dustier, the magazines a decade old and the towels worn and there have been times when I have sat looking at myself waiting for my colour to take, itching to get up and clean the mirror with a vinegar solution to cut through grime! I feel it many have been getting to the point when I would have to inspect the hairbrush for poodle hair before my blow dry!
The decision was made a fortnight ago when I received an SMS to tell me her husband had passed away (very inappropriate I know) and in the moment that I read it I had a fast forward to what future hair appointments would become - grief counselling sessions and heartless as it sounds - I just couldn’t do that! I realised that I have been putting her needs before mine and then paying her for the privilege of rescuing her! What an idiot I am!

So today - I sat in a modern, well equipped salon listening to gentle music and the lively chatter of happy people around me. I was offered coffee - a trendy selection of magazines and some tasty snippets of gossip from my new hairdresser - he's tall, dark, handsome and soooo gay! I felt like a million dollars when I walked out and my hair........FABULOUS!
PS. Yes - I feel a tad guilty - I suppose when you have had the same person messing with your head for fifteen years that's normal.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another lovely day in PE and a sure sign that Spring has well and truly arrived and I can officially come out of hibernation. I have spent the morning sorting out my wardrobe and packing away winter stuff - I feel lighter already - but I am most definitely NOT! Most of my summer things that I found don't fit me and I suspect the ones that do are sitting in a charity shop in St Helens. In an irrational moment brought on by luggage hysteria - I left the summer things that did fit me in the UK. How I am going to get through summer without my trusty white linen skirt, I really don't know...and don't suggest I buy another because the shops are full of  the weirdest assortment of attire.
 When you reach a certain age (or is that a certain weight) shopping for clothes becomes problematic. I am struggling because:-
  • I need sleeves to conceal my wobbly upper arms and most of the stuff in the shops is sleeveless or has those little cap sleeves that just make arms look bigger.
  • Anything with a belt has belt loops or elastic just about under my armpits! Everything here seems to be made in China and oriental ladies must be very short waisted. My waistline as I remember it (it seems to have disappeared), is about 6 inches lower.
  • I am just not going to wear mustard, brown and burnt orange  - this is Africa -say no more!
  • I want fabrics that let me skin breathe in the scorching southern hemisphere summer - not chiffon and nylon.
  • Its hard to do frills when you are over 50!
So it looks as if I will have to muddle through with what I have and pray that Mrs WW takes pity on us fifty somethings. Is it just me that is having a wardrobe crisis or is it a global phenomena???