Sunday, April 21, 2013

Granny Love

What is it about becoming a first time granny? It's a milestone that fills most women with dread because it symbolises being old and yet there is also an element of excitement at the thought of a new generation and a new little person in the family. I have taken to granny hood like a duck to water - calm and serene on the surface and peddling like the clappers underneath in case I ruffle my feathers!
The working world is only just getting used to the working mother never mind the working grandmother,
and while I love my 'granny' status, the word 'granny' just doesn't belong in the boardroom! It should because grannies are wise and wonderful and sometimes wacky!

You know you are a granny when....
  • You are eating Spiderman yoghurt's all week because your grandies came shopping with you, put them in your trolley and then went home without eating them.
  • You get excited and shout 'digger' or 'tractor' when you see any articulated vehicle with big wheels - even when you are in the car alone!
  • You find yourself dancing around in your pajamas wearing a tiara at 9pm on a Friday evening.....and would not be anywhere else in the world,
  • You are happy to eat the cupcakes after the grandies have licked all the icing off the top and handed them back to you.
  • There are wet handwipes in your handbag and a toy or two.
  • You tell the same story over and over and 'just one more time' knowing that it's a planned strategy for them to stay up later.
  • You lie down with them at 8pm - just for five minutes - and wake up in their bed at 2am.
  • You can keep their secrets and 'pinky promise'.
  • You have a 'naughty corner' in your home but its never been used - well for a child that is!
  • You eat their vegetables for them when their parents aren't looking!
  • Your laptop has sticky fingerprints all over the screen.
  • You open your diary to find your to-do list has been drawn over.
  • You LOVE all of the above! 
So looking forward to the next one arriving in August :-)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Numbers Game

Have you ever thought how many numerical sequences that are bouncing around in your head on any given day! Previous generations had it easy - my gran's generation only needed to know their house number, my parents had space for their home and telephone numbers and my mother was considered gifted as she knew her Co-op Divi number (short for dividend) off by heart.
We are expected to know telephone number, cell phone number, bank card pin numbers, alarm code numbers, Internet banking numbers and passwords for this that and everything - thanks to master scammers, phishers and Nigerians these get more and more complex and difficult to navigate. Don't you just hate the ones where they must contain a CAPITAL letter a sym&@# and a number as well! We are warned about writing these down or storing them in our phone and if we choose to encrypt them in any way the added challenge when needing them is to remember what was going on in your head at that particular time. No wonder I cant remember a thing - my head is full of numbers!
I have a new landline and new cell number, added to this I am enduring a technological revolution brought on by our house move necessitating a new washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave and coffee machine to master and a solar geyser that needs a BSc in physics in order to manipulate the temperature of my bathwater.
My brains are scrabbled and my eggs would be if I could get to grips with the new gas hob that sputters to a halt when I try to simmer. I have only managed to get one half of my double oven to cooperate while the other half winks at me from the kitchen mockingly!
When I get it all worked out, my new media player awaits - Hmm... perhaps my four year old grandson can teach me how that works!
Don't get me wrong - I pride myself on my mental arithmatic (Yes! I went to school BC - before calculators - and this was an actual subject) I am pretty irritating in shops and other public places where the Gen Y sales assistant can't add 2+2  or divide by 10 without a calculator.
Oh! and one thing I am exceptionally good at is counting my blessings! I will end on that high note!