Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mrs Marple's Tea Room

The day started bright and sunny in Melbourne so we decided to go up into the mountains - The Dandenongs. First though, a quick trip to one of the many retail outlets to grab a bargain. YES! we found some lovely Jeep tops ...but by the time we headed for the mountains the weather had changed - Melbourne weather does that!
So it was a misty ascent up the Dandenongs - beautiful in its own way as the cloud enveloped the tops of the massive gum trees.
Right at the top of the mountain range is a little village called Sassafras and there sitting on the main road is the most delightful tea room  - Miss Marple's Tea Room. It was by now - pouring! So we followed our noses and headed straight for tea and scones.

Miss Marple's Tea Room was the ideal place to while away a rainy hour or so and observe the passers-by who all seemed to be carrying packets of tea purchased from the shop next door. The staff are dressed as Miss Marple would expect them to be - wearing black and white maids attire. It has a beamed ceiling and a cosy fireplace and everywhere you look there are teapots, jugs and copper pans.
Nadine and I ordered Miss Marple's Welsh Rarebit fingers which were flavoured with Guinness and chutney then smothered with cheese while Sean enjoyed a bowl of hearty soup. All delicious and then..........

....the scones arrived! Enormous! Sean ordered a chocolate, fudge and pecan cake which came with three spoons and was eaten with sighs of deliciousness.

.....and then......We went to scone heaven!

What a scrumtious afternoon spent in the company of Miss Marples.

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